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Honey Sticks - Honey On The Go

Honey Sticks - Honey On The Go

Many people take pleasure in having honey as a sweetener or style enhancer in drinks or meals. Many additionally love using it as a tasty treat. For those who ever wished you had a bit of honey to hold with you, these honey sticks could be an answer. Carrying jars of honey could be clumsy so having honey in smaller packages, like honey sticks, is just perfect.

What are honey sticks?
Honey sticks are easy plastic consuming straws filled with natural honey and sealed on both ends. Each stick incorporates a few teaspoon (1 g) of honey, which provides about 20 calories of energy. To get the honey out, you merely snip off the tip with scissors or bite it off.

Honey suppliers have gotten revolutionary, so honey sticks can be present in many different flavors. These flavors embody unique and fruity flavors like lime, watermelon, orange, peppermint, grape, etc.

The advantages
What is superb about honey sticks is that they're very convenient. Once you try them, I’m certain you'll want to incorporate them into your lifestyle. We will mention a number of examples in which honey sticks can come in handy.

Tea and coffee time
If you are having pals over and serving unsweetened drinks, you can put out honey sticks. Your friends can sweeten their drinks to their liking with honey, a tasty natural sweetener. Honey sticks may be an important snack or sweetener for child’s birthday party. Getting the honey out of sticks looks as if a enjoyable approach of sweetening your drinks.

In lunch boxes
Many youngsters and adults take pleasure in honey as a delicious and nutritious snack. Because of it, honey sticks can easily be a substitute for dessert, making the lunch box more healthy. You may even drizzle the honey over yogurt or fruit and have a quick and engaging treat.

Since honey sticks are small and light, you possibly can easily pop them in your purse or suitcase and carry them wherever you go. When you feel low on energy, you possibly can take one honey stick and it will provide you with an energy boost and psychological clarity.

Having a sore throat
If you don’t really feel well, and you don’t need to make some cures your self, you can keep the sticks close to your bed. Having fun with these sticks will help you soothe that sore throat, and you will feel higher in no time. In case your children don’t take pleasure in ingesting hot tea with honey, just give them tasty honey sticks instead. They'll love it!

After a workout
Working out takes a number of energy so you possibly can just take one stick and you will really feel energized in no time. Since it's conveniently packaged, you may take your energy booster right within the gym or while strolling home.

Working at a computer
While working at a pc, we are able to get hungry or just want something to assist along with your focus. honey stick making machine for sale sticks are an easy approach of getting a light and wholesome snack, with out making a mess in your keyboard. Honey is safely stored in plastic sticks, so there isn't any hazard of getting sticky fingers and ruining your keyboard.

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